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Young people

Young adults

Quit for you – although you are young and the future effects from smoking seem far away they are not. Childhood smoking has health consequences for you now and in older age. People who start to smoke at a younger age face additional risks of lung damage, bowel cancer, and cervical pre-cancerous lesions.


Reasons to Stop Smoking;

Nearly all adult smokers started smoking in their teenage years. The younger you are when you start, the more impact smoking has on your lifelong health and wellbeing. There are many ways we can help you stop smoking especially if your reasons for smoking include;

  • You may smoke if you have seen that tobacco use is acceptable or normal among your peers.

  • If you have suffer from depression, anxiety and stress there can be a relationship between these illnesses and smoking.

  • You may have your perceptions and expectations of positivity from smoking, such as coping with stress and controlling weight.

  • You may feel you do not have the skills to resist those influences to smoking.

How to Stop Smoking;

  • If you qualify for a Free Local Stop Smoking Services, we offer specialist support for young adults and under 18s. 

  • It is a friendly, informative and an informal Stop Smoking Service run in collaboration free confidential, friendly, non-judgemental.

  • The team understand and have lots of experiences with working with and supporting young people to stop smoking.

  • You will have a plan which may include tailored medication and behavioural support.

  • Access the service through a Clinic appointment either Group or 1-2-1. Alternatively, access the service via Telephone Clinic.