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Why Quit?

There are many benefits to stopping smoking, including; younger looking skin, whiter teeth, better breathing, longer life, less stress, improved smell and taste, more energy and protecting the health of your non-smoking friends and family.


Feeling Healthier

Quit For Your Health; No matter what age you are, how long you have been smoking, by stopping smoking your overall health will improve straight away.


Protecting Your Loved ones

Quit For Your Family and friend’s; Stopping Smoking also helps protect the health and wellbeing of your non-smoking friends and family. Second-hand smoke increases the risks of them developing health problems including some cancers and meningitis.


Saving Money

Quit For Your Cash;  Smoking is costly to your health and pocket. When you stop smoking you will have more cash. One of the UK's most popular cigarettes cost £7.64 for a pack of 20, which means an average smoker would spend around £53.00  per week on cigarettes.