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The Lincolnshire service is a multi-agency group of representatives from organisations across the county who share an interest in smoking related issues and a desire to tackle them locally through the 'Lincolnshire Tobacco Control Plan 2013-2018'

The local tobacco control plan sets out a number of key objectives, which all aim to support the Government’s three key ambitions for tobacco control:

  • Reduce smoking prevalence among adults in England
  • Reduce smoking prevalence among young people in England
  • Reduce smoking in pregnancy in England

What we do

  • We co-ordinate local activity that supports national campaigns such as No Smoking Day and Stoptober.
  • We co-ordinate local responses to Government consultations on tobacco control issues, and support the implementation of new legislation.
  • We support Lincolnshire Trading Standards and Lincolnshire Police in their responsibility for tackling the supply of illicit tobacco.
  • We develop awareness campaigns to inform the public of the health and wider implications of smoking.
  • We run the Lincolnshire Smoke Free Homes & Cars Project which aims to protect those at risk from second hand smoke
  • We offer support, guidance and resources to support tobacco control, smoking awareness and peer mentoring education programmes for young people.
  • We offer the nationally accredited BIIAB Level 1 Awards in Smoking Awareness, and Alcohol Awareness aimed at key stage 3 aged learners (11-14) free to education groups.
  • FREE loan of resources supporting the delivery of smoking awareness and tobacco control education.

Contact us

For more information about any of the work that we do contact us on the details below.

Daniel Lowbridge - 07971786657 or email

Julie Cavill - 07971786428  or email

‘Healthy Lives, Healthy People: A Tobacco Control Plan for England’ (2011)

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